Multiple Skillz

GC Solo Star

“Aleks is a great producer! I would work with him again! - GC Solo Star

Aaron Henley

“Aleks Zen just has this understanding of music, his ideas are always that step ahead, i’ve never seen someone take so many genres and consistently make good music with them!” - Aaron Henley


Izzy Adel

“Working with Aleks was such a great experience to me. He’s so talented and that’s what makes his music so brilliant” - Izzy Adel

Scarlett Lee

"I loved working with Aleks, he always gives 100%! Every time I left the studio I was so happy & always couldn't wait to do another session with him.. He's crazy talented & such a lovely person there's something about his music that I just couldn't get nowhere else, he understands me & his work is perfect! If you're looking for a person who's in it for you because he wants to make a song YOU'RE proud of & won't stop until it's perfect then Aleks is the one for you, such a blessing to have met him." - Scarlett Lee

Lauren Page